What is English for Specific Purposes and Why Should We Learn it?

Almost everybody learnt English and took an English courses at one point of their lives. Some learnt it as an obligatory subject in school, other in the courses and classes in private language institutions. Most of those classes and courses included learning the language, focusing on the grammar and learning the vocabulary from books that were meant for learners. What is wrong with that? Absolutely nothing- if you have a lot of time to learn the language slowly, and gradually. It is perfectly fine if if you don’t mind learning a language for 5-10 years before you can say that you can successfully communicate in it.

But you don’t have a time for that, do you? You need to be able to communicate in a specific way, with specific people, for specific reasons. 
For example, if you are a doctor, you will not benefit much from learning the vocabulary related to cooking, history, warriors, and so on. What will be important for you to learn is the vocabulary as well as the phrases and expressions let will allow you to communicate successfully with your patients, superiors, colleagues, etc. On the other hand, if you are a salesperson, you need to develop communicative skills that will help you present your products well, sell them to your customers, negotiate with your clients and partners, etc.

Educators around the world have realized that the importance of specialized education, allowing the learners to learn exactly what they need, and attend courses that would help them achieve their specific goals. English for specific purposes allows learners to improve their communication skills in those areas that are the most important to them. 
What are your opinions on specialized courses and English for specific purposes?

Do you prefer to attend general courses or do you enjoy the benefits of having your specific needs catered to? Feel free to share your comments and thoughts.

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