Get Your Dream Job

This interview preparation course online is the only video course that will completely prepare you for getting the job of your dreams!

This is an interview preparation course online which will prepare you to get through the recruitment process, get and keep the job of your dreams.
All communication is in English. The aim is to teach you everything you need to know if you are looking for a job in a company where English is spoken.

1. General tips and tricks on how to be successful in a job interview

2. Appropriate vocabulary and expressions

3. How to make a good first impression

4. How to succeed in the first five minutes of a job interview 5. How NOT to write a CV

6. How to write a GOOD CV

7. How to write a good cover letter

8. How to answer the commonly asked interview questions

9. How to answer the not-so-common and psychological questions

10. Five Questions that Great Candidates Ask

11. Appropriate and inappropriate non-verbal communication during a job interview

12. Idioms that are commonly used to talk about and to talk during job interviews

13. The use of English conditionals in formal discussions and negotiations during a job interview

14. Making polite requests and answering to them

15. What to do after the interview (Writing a ‘Thank you letter’, calling back, responding to a letter of acceptance/rejection; writing a ‘job acceptance’ letter)

16. What to do when you get the job (how to keep it)

17. How to politely: agree, disagree, express an opinion

Is this interview preparation course online for you?


Your knowledge of English is at least at level A2


You are ready to learn and make progress.


You do NOT want to settle with just any job. You want THE job (of your dreams)


You want to work in a company where knowing how to communicate in English is necessary.


You want to learn and make progress at your own pace, when and where it suits you most.


You want to do all you can to maximize your chances of passing the job interview and getting the job of your dreams.

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Who is your teacher on this interview preparation course online?

Jelena Ćirić Rapoš - CEO of JCR English- online center for learning English
What makes her a qualified educator?- MA in English linguistics
- 120-hour TEFL
-40- hour Specialized Certificate in Teaching Business English
- Body language diploma (issued by Center of Excellence)
- Certificate in Supervision - Effective Communication Skills (issued by Alison)
- 9 years of experience in educating people worldwide
- close cooperation with CEOs, HR managers, and other hiring experts. - the ability to help you achieve your goals in the most efficient possible way.

Branka Jović
Branka Jović
Purchasing manager, Serbia
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Jelena is exceptionally professional, always smiling and ready to motivate even those who often do not have the opportunity to communicate in English. Attending her courses is a refreshment both for the English language and for the motivation and desire to work harder on yourself. A professor without competition.
Jelena Kukoleča
Jelena Kukoleča
Web Developer, Netherlands
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I came to JCR English on a recommendation. Since I work in a foreign market, I more than need a high level of knowledge of the English language, and the school of Jelena Ciric Rapos helped me reach that level. The classes are very high quality, interesting, interactive and tailored to your needs and your goals. I would recommend this English language school to anyone who wants to perfect their English with a fantastic lecturer.
Valentina Macura
Valentina Macura
Merchant, Sweden
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My sincere recommendation for Jelena C.R. She has a phenomenal ability to transfer skills. Every class was interesting and different and most importantly there was a visible improvement of my English. She is a professional, conscientious and talented English language expert and I am sure that everyone who works with her will raise their knowledge to an enviable level.
Milica Kezović
Milica Kezović
Economist, Serbia
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A sincere recommendation for JCR English online courses and Professor Jelena. In addition to learning the language, we also learn business etiquette and good behavior in certain business situations. Professor Jelena is quite dedicated and detailed. She knows how to dedicate herself to each individual, she is a good pedagogue and she transfers knowledge nicely. A good thing is the free trial lesson where you can see if this way of teaching suits you. The advantage of this type of learning is that you have a video that you can listen to and do not waste time on transportation.

Prices and programs

Bronze package

24/7 lifetime access to the course
59 one-time payment
  • 20 video lessons
  • 10 interactive progress checks
  • Technical support in case of trouble

Silver package

24/7 lifetime access to the course
87 one-time payment
  • 20 video lessons
  • 10 interactive progress checks
  • Technical support in case of trouble
  • Proofreading and correcting your CV and cover letter

Gold package

24/7 lifetime access to the course
119 one-time payment
  • 20 video lessons
  • 10 interactive progress checks
  • Technical support in case of trouble
  • Proofreading and correcting your CV and cover letter
  • Two 1on1 50-minute classes - simulations for a job interview

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