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Why choose us?

You will get the highest quality of education from the comfort of your home and you will improve with the help of professors certified in the United States, the United Kingdom as well as Serbia. We are the best online center for learning English – the one where courses are created to cater to your specific learning needs completely.


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Trust our international experience as well as highly esteemed and internationally recognized certifications, and allow yourself the opportunity to grow with the best!

Why should you choose us among all other schools?

We use the Communicative Approach

Using the communicative approach, we put the focus on the real learning needs of the students when it comes to learning the English language. The learner is at the center of the lesson, and the students' speaking time amounts to up to 90% of the time, while the teacher is there to guide, ask questions and provide corrections in a kind and productive way. In our classes, the learners are provided with the most effective methods for improving in an interesting and engaging way. The knowledge is acquired through communication about relevant topics, collaboration with classmates and teacher, as well as accepting corrections for the mistakes made.

The first class is free of charge

Before enrolling in a course, every learner can attend a free trial lesson. In that class, the teacher can determine the student's level accurately, and place him or her into an adequate group. During this trial class, the student can also decide whether he or she likes this type of learning before he or she signs the contract and makes a commitment.

There are no boring lectures

In our online English learning center, the role of the teacher is NOT to hold long and boring lectures that make many learners uninterested and unproductive. The students are the ones talking 90% of the class time, while the teacher's talking time is reduced to 10%. Learners around the world have shown their utmost satisfaction with this method and they happily attend our courses. Moreover, our experience has shown that the students learn best through the use of language, which makes our methods ideal for a quick and easy improvement of your communicative skills in the English language.

English is the only language spoken in the classroom

We think in English and it is the only language that we use during our classes. Even complete beginners start expressing themselves in complete sentences and start talking about simple concepts after only a few classes in our center. This method helps you reach your goals and achieve a higher level of knowledge and use of the English language.

Our classes are completely adjusted to the learners' needs

We don't use the 'one size fits all' approach. We adapt and adjust each course in order to completely suit the individual needs of our learners. Our goal is to always satisfy the learners needs. Before starting the course, we first do a Needs Analysis and a level assessment. This helps us create courses that are completely suited for the students.

You receive a video recording of each class you take

Each class is recorded in order for you to be able to review everything you learned in class with ease and convenience. Additionally, you can use the recording to catch up with the materials and the class activities in case you couldn't attend a class on your group course. The video is delivered to the learners after each class and is only be used for these educational purposes. Your privacy is very important for us, thus we don't share our class videos with anyone but you.

Today, in order to be successful at what we do, we need to be able to use the English language. Communication skills are extremely important for the success of your business. Secure this advantage for yourself or your company’s team and take your business to your next level – in your country and internationally.

 This is a small educational center where your needs are the most important for us. Quality is always more important than quantity for us. 

We respect your time and understand how important it is. With us, you can choose the time of the classes as well as their frequency to your convenience.


What do our students say?

Lena is really a five-starred teacher. She is very patient and nice. She gave me detailed feedback, which I really appreciate.

Marketing specalist
You are very professional. In the class, you corrected my mistakes carefully. Thank you so much.

I sincerely recommend a really perfect teacher who transfers the knowledge of the English language excellently. She motivates the learners very well and she always tries to help you understand everything that might be unclear so that you can learn the lesson as well as possible. I am more than satisfied.
Bar manager
Jelena is utterly professional, and always has a smile on her face. She is always ready and able to motivate even those students who are not in contact with the English language very often. Attending courses at JCR English is a refreshment - for my motivation and desire to work on myself more. She is a professor without competition.
I gladly recomment JCR English. Jelena has phenomenal skills of teaching and helping others learn. Each class was interesting and different. The most important thing that happened was a very noticeable improvement in my English skills. Professional, conscientious and a talented expert- these are the words I can use to describe her. I am certain that everyone who studies here will improve their knowledge and skills significantly.

Choose to learn english with us and you will choose:

You will not waste valuable time commuting to and from the education center. You will be able to devote that time to yourself or your family, and in addition you will be able to participate in classes. Online English classes save time and increase efficiency. If you are busy everyday with work and home commitments, you have no time to waste. This is why online English courses are just for you.

The commute to a language school costs money. The way back does, too. If you learn English online, you will not spend money on transportation. Day by day, month by month, you will notice that the savings are not small. In addition to the obvious saving of money, you will also save valuable amount of time, and as many say “Time is money,” and this is one way to save.

When you take online English classes, you can do so from anywhere you have an internet connection and a computer, tablet or a smartphone. This means you can sit into your most comfortable armchair and access the class. Why would you sit in uncomfortable chairs in a classroom if you can choose?
Many of our students attend our classes during business hours, if the company allows them to, or on lunch break. This is another benefit of online teaching. Other students join after-hours classes, after changing into comfortable clothes and exchanging some words with their family members. Some students even cook lunch or dinner while in class. All of these are indicators of the practicality and comfort that online English learning brings.

Your time is precious and invaluable. Our goal is to enable you to progress in your career and life with ease and without stress. For this reason, you can choose when you will have classes. You know best when you can take time for classes, and that’s when you can have them. We are here to make your life easier, and this is one of the ways we do it.

Our online English language learning center uses the most up-to-date and most effective methods that have proven excellent internationally. So far, there are not many schools or educational institutions  that have chosen to use such methods. In a much more fun and relaxed way, without formal learning, you will achieve results you never dreamed you could achieve in such a short time. Our methods lead to faster and better results than those obtained using traditional learning methods.

We provide the best and most effective english courses for individuals as well as companies

In the menu ‘Types of Courses’, you can see some of the courses we offer. If you or your company needs a type of course that is not listed on our website, feel free to contact us and we will gladly create a new course, designed specifically to suit your learning needs and desires – this is our specialty!

It sounds too good to be true? Book free consultations and a free trial class, and we will be glad to show you how much you can improve with us!