Learn Business English and English for Specific Purposes Online!

Why choose us?

You will get the highest quality of education from the comfort of your home and with a teacher who is certified in the USA, UK and Serbia.

Today, in order to be successful at what we do, we need to be able to use the English language. Communication skills are extremely important for the success of your business. Secure this advantage for yourself or your company’s team and take your business to your next level – in your country and internationally.

This is a small education center where your needs come first. Quality always comes before quantity here.

Trust our international experience as well as highly esteemed and internationally recognized certifications, and allow yourself the opportunity to grow with the best!

Lena is really a five-starred teacher. She is very patient and nice. She gave me detailed feedback, which I really appreciate.

Vivian, a marketing specialist

You are very professional. In the class, you corrected my mistakes carefully. Thank you so much.

Phoebe, entrepreneur

Why choose online learning?

If you choose one of our online courses, you will choose:

Saving time – as you will not spend any time commuting to and from the education center.

Saving money – as you will not spend money for transportation. Also, every minute saved is money saved (time is money).

Comfort and convenience – as you will take classes from the most comfortable position in your home or office.

Flexibility – as you will be able to take the class from any device that has access to the internet (computer, tablet, smartphone).

We respect your time and realize its importance! Here, you can choose the time of your classes.

Why choose the courses we offer and not some general courses in a different language school?

We use the communicative approach. Students learn and improve through the use of language, making mistakes and having them corrected.

Before a student signs up, an assessment of the student’s level is made in order to make sure that the student is placed onto the right level and joins the group with similar abilities.

The teacher’s talking time is 20%, and the students’ talking time is 80%.

Up to 100% of the class is in English.

The teacher’s talking time reduces as the course progresses.

Each class is suited specifically to the student’s needs.

Each student’s individual learning needs are recognized and satisfied.

We provide the the best courses of English for Specific Purposes (ESP) for individuals as well as companies.

If your company needs training in a field that we haven’t listed field, contact us and we will be glad to make some arrangements.

All the courses are created by us and provided in the virtual classroom, at the time that is convenient for you. Before you sign a contract, you can have a free class and make sure your needs would be met.

Sounds too good to be true? Book your free consultations and class and see for yourself!