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Learn Business English or General English from the comfort of your home or office. All courses in our school are made or adjusted to suit your learning needs completely, and adapted to your lifestyle, schedule and your need for progress.




Quality. Convenience. Flexibility. Efficiency.

Companies and infividual learners from all around the word take our courses after our previous or current students recommend our school. By taking an English language course in this online school, you will receive the best quality of education from the comfort of your home, office, or any other place that you choose to take the classes from.
Our teachers are certified in the USA, the UK and Serbia. The owner and course creator is certified to create courses of English for Specific Purposes and qualified to tailor the courses to the clients' specific needs.
Naši profesori su sertifikovani u Americi, Velikoj Britaniji i Srbiji.

What do our learners say about us?

Jelena Kukoleča

Web developer, Netherlands

The JCR English language school helped me achieve a high level of English language knowledge, which is very important to me as I work on the international market.  The classes are high quality, interactive, interesting and adjusted to your needs and goals. I would recommend this school to everyone who wants to perfect their English with a fantastic English teacher.

Branka jović

Economist, Serbia

Jelena is utterly professional, and always has a smile on her face. She is always ready and able to motivate even those students who are not in contact with the English language very often. Attending courses at JCR English is a refreshment – for my motivation and desire to work on myself more. She is a professor without competition. ​

Valentina Macura

Merchant, Serbia

I gladly recomment JCR English. Jelena has phenomenal skills of teaching and helping others learn. Each class was interesting and different. The most important thing that happened was a very noticeable improvement in my English skills. Professional, conscientious and a talented expert- these are the words I can use to describe her. I am certain that everyone who studies here will improve their knowledge and skills significantly.

Phoebe Zhang

Entrepreneur, China

You are very professional. In the class, you corrected my mistakes carefully. Thank you so much.

Practice Makes Perfect

We understand that you have a busy schedule and no time to waste. We know that the best way to perfection is – practice.
Companies and individual learners around the world choose this school over others because we find the best way for each of our clients and learners to make progress as efficiently as possible. 

According to our learners, learning English online with us is pleasant, efficient, and convenient.  The quality of our classes is always very high.

You will learn the skills that you actually need, and we will practice using them through simulations of real business and life situations.


Study English with Us and You will Choose

You will not waste valuable time commuting to and from the education center. You will be able to devote that time to yourself or your family, and in addition you will be able to participate in classes. Online English classes save time and increase efficiency. If you are busy everyday with work and home commitments, you have no time to waste. This is why online English courses are just for you.

You will not waste valuable time commuting to and from the education center. You will be able to devote that time to yourself or your family, and in addition you will be able to participate in classes. Online English classes save time and increase efficiency. If you are busy everyday with work and home commitments, you have no time to waste. This is why online English courses are just for you.

When you take online English classes, you can do so from anywhere you have an internet connection and a computer, tablet or a smartphone. This means you can sit into your most comfortable armchair and access the class. Why would you sit in uncomfortable chairs in a classroom if you can choose?
Many of our students attend our classes during business hours, if the company allows them to, or on lunch break. This is another benefit of online teaching. Other students join after-hours classes, after changing into comfortable clothes and exchanging some words with their family members. Some students even cook lunch or dinner while in class. All of these are indicators of the practicality and comfort that online English learning brings.

Your time is precious and invaluable. Our goal is to enable you to progress in your career and life with ease and without stress. For this reason, you can choose when you will have classes. You know best when you can take time for classes, and that’s when you can have them. We are here to make your life easier, and this is one of the ways we do it.

Our online English language learning center uses the most up-to-date and most effective methods that have proven excellent internationally. So far, there are not many schools or educational institutions that have chosen to use such methods. In a much more fun and relaxed way, without formal learning, you will achieve results you never dreamed you could achieve in such a short time. Our methods lead to faster and better results than those obtained using traditional learning methods.

nastavnica engleskog jezika

Quality before Quantity

The English language online classes and courses in this school are created for and adapted to your needs. In the cases of group classes, the maximum number of learners in one class is 6.

The head teacher in our online English language school has a master’s degree in the English language, a TEFL certificate and a specialized Business English TEFL certificate for creating and teaching course of English for Specific Purposes of our clients.

Each of our teachers is certified, experienced, pleasant, kind, as well as patient.

You will get a video recording of each class

Each class in this online English language school is recorded, and after a class is finished, you will soon receive a video recording of the class you attended. Many clients and learners find this useful for two reasons:

  1. If you are the learner, you can use the video recording of the class to review what you learned and improve even more.
  2. If your employees are the learners and you would like to monitor their progress, you can easily do it in this way.

Learn from the best! Improve your business, career as well as life!
The trial class is free!

Today, not being able to communicate well in English often leads to missed opportunities, dissatisfied clients or customers, and misunderstandings. Turn the situation to your advantage. Enroll in an online English language course which will be entirely created or adapted to suit your needs.
We will make sure that your comprehension is complete and progress is easy. Reach your goals easily and efficiently with our help.

Work hours

Monday-Friday : 7:00-21:00
Saturday - 6:00 -18:00
(Our work hours can be adjusted to suit your needs)
* All times are shown in Central European Time (CET)

Location: Worldwide

All classes are held in a virtual classroom, which means you can access it from any location, as long as you have a smart device (phone, tablet, computer), a microphone and earphones/headphones, and a stable internet connection.

English language courses

General English courses
English for beginners (A1 and A2)
Conversational English language couses (B1-C2)
Specialized English language courses
Business English course (B1-C2)
English for Job Interviews
English for managers
English for the IT industry
English for medical experts
English for the hospitality industry (restaurants, hotels, cruisers)
English for cosmeticians
English for international trade
English for meetings
Writing professional business emails
*A course created for your specific needs
Courses to prepare you for internationally recognized exams

IELTS test preparation
TOEFL test preparation
Preparation for the KET, PET, FCE, CAE, CPE and BEC exams

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Trust our international experience as well as highly esteemed and internationally recognized certifications, and allow yourself the opportunity to grow with the best!

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