JCR stands for Jelena Ćirić Rapoš, an English teacher with 7 years of teaching experience in areas of general and business English, a master’s degree in English philology as well as an internationally recognized TEFL certificate. To students, she is known as Lena.

She is the main teacher in this education center. For the past three years, she have been an online English teacher. Until now, she has held over 6000 successful online classes and the satisfaction as well as the success of her students are her greatest reward. Her main clients have been business people (including the owners, managers and employees of some famous companies) from Mexico, China, Germany and France.

She currently provides teaching services in 5 esteemed educational institutions, and her goal and mission are to provide the highest quality of education to our students. Now, you can access her teaching services through this website as well.

Many people think that it is not possible to love and enjoy doing your job. With JCR you will see that it is completely different than that. She truly loves helping others learn, and she is good at it. She doesn’t like speaking highly of herself – she prefers letting students see for themselves that the quality of the education she provides is high, that the atmosphere in her classes is pleasant, and that they can improve quite quickly.

During the years of cooperation with educational institutions, to the satisfaction of both sides, Lena (JCR) has gained valuable teaching experience.