Who are your teachers?

Head teacher - Jelena Ciric Rapos

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nastavnica engleskog jezika

Jelena Ciric Rapos is the owner of this online English learning center. She is also the head teacher in the center. She will be the one you will be spending most time with in classes.

Jelena (you may call her Lena) is a teacher who loves her job. Moreover, she always does her best to provide the learners with the best possible learning experience. 

Besides having 8 years of teaching experience and 3.5 years of online teaching experience, our teacher also has a master’s degree in the English language, as well as 2 TEFL certificates – general and specialized. Her TEFL certificates come from the US and the UK.  

This teacher has primarily worked with businessmen and businesswomen (including the owners, managers and employees of several famous companies) from Mexico, China, Germany and France.

Currently, she is cooperating with 5 esteemed educational institutions. Her goal has always been (and will always be ) to provide the best possible quality of education for our English students.

 Many people think that learning a foreign language needs to be difficult and boring. Lena’s mission is to prove the opposite and to show you how quickly classes come to an end. After, as well as during each class, our students feel relaxed, accomplished and satisfied.

Teaching associate- Neven Tomic

Classes held

Teacher Neven is an English teacher with over three years of teaching experience. He has taught students of all ages and levels from countries all around the world. He is TESOL-certified, but that is only one of the things that makes him qualified for this position.

Namely, Neven loves this line of work, mainly because it allows him to help others learn the English language and improve their communicative skills in a creative way. The kinds of courses he shines the brightest are individual and group conversational courses with adults, and individual English courses and classes with children and teenagers. 

We choose our teachers very carefully. Only the best English teachers work with our students. Teacher Neven has collaborated with JCR for almost three years, and we can guarantee that you will be happy, engaged and satisfied in his virtual classroom in our Online English school.


Nastavnik engleskog jezika

Our collaboration with international and multinational educational institutions over the years has lead to the mutual satisfaction. Moreover, it has helped us increase our teaching experience. This makes us better able to be the best teachers we can be for our learners.

Everybody needs a great teacher – not to pour knowledge into the learner’s mind, but to show the student how much he or she can accomplish with a little bit of effort and motivation. A great teacher will not hold lectures. A great teacher will not force you to learn. A great teacher will show you the path, and help you get to the top by yourself – with a little bit of help and guidance.