Assertive Communication: Resolving conflicts, setting boundaries and communicating clearly


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This is an ebook in which you will learn how to make a difference between the four communication styles, get all the tools you need to start communicating more positively, effectively and productively, which will result in building healthier and stronger relationships in your work and personal environment.


Discover the power of assertive communication with this easy-to-follow eBook, “Assertive Communication: Resolving conflicts, setting boundaries and communicating clearly” written by me, an experienced and internationally certified verbal and non-verbal communication coach with over 10.000 coaching hours behind me.

In today’s busy world, knowing how to communicate effectively is very important for getting what you want and keeping healthy relationships – both professional and personal.

In this book, I break down why assertive communication matters and what it can do for you. We’ll cover the basics so you understand the difference between assertive, aggressive, and passive communication styles. Plus,  it’ll help you boost your confidence so you can speak up for yourself without feeling awkward.

Learn practical skills for different situations, like dealing with coworkers, solving problems, and even negotiating. If you’re into business, we’ve got you covered too, with tips on how assertive communication can help you grow your company.

Setting boundaries is another big part of communication, especially in relationships. I’ll show you how to do it politely and give you examples to make it easier. And if you’ve ever struggled with conflict, our book will teach you how to solve problems without getting into fights, using real-life stories to help you understand.

Wrap up your journey with simple tips for becoming more assertive and making the most of what you’ve learned.

No matter who you are or what you do, learning assertive communication can make your life a whole lot easier. So, grab your copy now and start speaking up with confidence!

Table of contents


  • Why is assertive communication important in today’s world?
  • Goals and advantages of assertive communication

Basics of assertive communication

  • Definition of assertive communication and its basic principles
  • The difference between assertive, aggressive and passive communication
  • Verbal and non-verbal components of assertive communication
  • Test of assertiveness

Developing self-confidence for assertive communication

  • Recognizing and overcoming internal obstacles
  • Techniques for improving self-confidence and self-esteem

Assertive communication skills

  • Expressing your needs, opinions and feelings respectfully and clearly
  • Active listening and empathy towards the interlocutor
  • Setting boundaries and maintaining a balance between your own needs and those of others

Assertive communication in different situations

  • Communication with colleagues and associates
  • Conflict management and problem-solving
  • Negotiation and goal-setting
  • Assertive communication on social networks

Assertive communication in entrepreneurship

  • Communication challenges faced by female entrepreneurs
  • How assertive communication can support business growth and success

Setting boundaries – building healthy relationships

  • Understanding boundaries
  • Setting boundaries in relationships
  • Examples of setting boundaries
  • A boundary-setting exercise

Clear and precise communication – the key to effective interaction

  • The power of words 5 key elements

Resolving conflicts in an efficient way

  • Solving conflicts through assertiveness
  • Concrete examples from the business and private environment

Examples of assertive communication in practice

  • Case study; Ana and team building

Conclusion: Developing assertiveness – practical tips

  • Key conclusions and call to action for applying assertive communication

About the author

  • A brief introduction to the author of this e-book