✔️ Successfully present the products/services of your company
✔️ Read and understand business emails and respond to them
✔️ Write business reports

English for Successful Business Communication

Learn how to:

✔️ Introduce and present yourself in a professional way
✔️ Use your body language efficiently and professionally
✔️ Successfully make and answer phone calls with business partners and clients

Increase your chances of getting your dream job – in your country or abroad!

English for Job Interviews

Learn how to:

✔️ Write a CV
✔️ Write a cover letter
✔️ Answer the common and not-so-common interview questions
✔️ Use your body language efficiently and professionally
✔️ Present yourself, your education and experience well
✔️ Many other useful things that will increase your chances of getting the job of your dreams

Improve your (international) business by improving your English skills.

English for International Trade

Learn how to:

✔️ Understand and discuss current trends in business and trade
✔️ Fluently communicate with foreign clients/customers/partners in spoken and written form
✔️ Use your communicative competencies to bring your business to a higher level in your country and internationally.

Acquire the knowledge that will allow you to use your medical skills in international institutions and foreign countries.

English for Medical Experts

Learn how to:

✔️ Understand your patients when they tell you about their symptoms
✔️ Diagnose patients and prescribe medication/treatment successfully
✔️ Communicate effectively with your foreign coworkers
✔️ Understand and fluently use medical terminology in communication

Learn how to communicate more efficiently in your field of business, and increase your chances of getting a job in a foreign company, as well as make the communication with foreign clients easier.

English for IT Experts

Learn how to:

✔️ Understand your clients’ requests and demands and respond to them fluently in written and spoken form
✔️Successfully communicate with clients and coworkers in English
✔️ Understand and fluently use IT terminology in communication
✔️ Negotiate about the terms and conditions of your collaborations

Nowadays, many people are choosing to go abroad and work in the hospitality industry. Increase your chances of getting a great job by improving your English.

English for the Hospitality Industry (restaurants, hotels, cruisers, bars)

Learn how to:

✔️ Politely and appropriately serve clients/customers and communicate with them
✔️Fluently and easily present the products and services of offered by your company
✔️ Understand and fluently use the needed terminology and language in communication
✔️ Easily communicate with coworkers and superiors