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Are you fed up with others getting the opportunities you deserve just because they know English better, and are you sick of wasting time and money on courses where you don’t achieve anything? Then an online English language course in JCR English may be the right choice for you.

Thorough and effective online English language courses in which you acquire knowledge and immediately apply it from the comfort of your home, transport, or office; on a break between meetings, while the kids are napping, or while you’re waiting (for whatever), you can use your time wisely for your own progress!

Learning English online has never been more effective. Choose the English video course that you need most, and the learning method that suits you best at the moment, and let the progress begin.


Nowadays, it is difficult to find or keep a good job without a good/excellent command of the English language.

Because of your work or family obligations, you are unable or too tired to attend regular classes.
Even if you schedule individual lessons, you often cancel them because you have an unpredictable schedule.


Buy an English video course and you will get permanent access to a course where you can study anytime and anywhere (in transport, in the living room, in the office, and even in the toilet, with your morning coffee, between meetings at work or when everyone in the house falls asleep.
Work at your own pace and gain the communication skills you need to live the quality of life you want, without sacrificing time with family or friends.




Achieve your personal and professional goals learning on your chosen online course of the English language.


1000+ learners reached their goals with our video courses.

Teodora MiljusTeodora Miljus
11:55 04 Apr 24
All recommendations for school.Very friendly teachers, well-organized classes.Knowledge guaranteed!!!
Maja Poznanovic SpahicMaja Poznanovic Spahic
20:10 08 Mar 24
First of all, I would like to thank you for the phenomenal Creative vocabulary acquisition challenge, where I learned a lot about how to improve your knowledge of the English language. The concept is very interesting, and the team that works with us is phenomenal and professional. The professors are extremely pleasant, they master the material, they always give timely feedback and corrections. in any case, a positive experience for me. Well done!
Darko MarjanskiDarko Marjanski
08:36 08 Mar 24
Excellent systematized content and the only one in Serbia that is offered for this way of working. All the best and keep going!
Sanja KrivokapićSanja Krivokapić
10:42 04 Mar 24
Jovana LjujićJovana Ljujić
16:16 01 Mar 24
I am satisfied with the concept of the course itself. First of all, you first have a complete explanation of the lesson, then examples for the same, and after that you get exercises to check what you have learned. Great recommendation.
goa gospoagoa gospoa
19:12 18 Apr 23
Classes are as professional as they should be, but also enjoyable and engaging. I am very satisfied with my teacher’s knowledge regarding the topics we are going through. Every lesson is filled with interesting information which makes learning more exciting. Overall, experience so far is top-notch!
Liz PenaLiz Pena
08:19 13 Jan 23
Jelena and her team recorded over 6000 instructional videos for my client (the third largest and most successful eCommerce in the world). They are professional, punctual, reliable, and trustworthy. My client and I are both happy with our collaboration with JCR English and I look forward to more projects with them.
Jovana PavlovicJovana Pavlovic
21:45 04 Jan 23
Working together with JCR English has been a blast!! They are very kind and professional! I am looking forward to work on new projects with them!
Jelena MaleticJelena Maletic
12:27 24 Aug 21
Every recommendation for "Online centar za učenje engleskog jezika JCR English"! The course is intended for those who speak English, but would like to use it more properly and professionally. Especially, I liked that the lectures were compact, that you could understand the professor, professors are open to cooperating, the ebook is concise and understandable. This course helped me to be clear on how to express myself in business correspondence. I very highly recommend this school!
eCom Scale OfficeeCom Scale Office
09:32 11 May 21
Highly professional and well-organized professors. We have been using JCR English services for more than six months now, and we are happy with both their approach and the progress our team is making when it comes to speaking in English. I can wholeheartedly recommend this young and knowledgeable team to people and companies looking forward to sharpening their English speaking skills.Ivana Petrović,CEO of eCom Scale doo

English online course - A2 level

You will learn the vocabulary, grammar and language structures that you can confidently use in everyday communication.


14 modules (2-3 lessons per module

14 tests

1 final test

BONUS: 5 speaking exercises with feedback and corrections.


Usability of the bonus – 3 months after the purchase



English online course - B1 level

You will be able to understand and communicate in different situations at school, at work, on trips, etc. Your English language skills will reach an intermediate level, which is generally the lowest level required to get a job in a foreign company.


12 modules (2-3 lessons per module)

12 tests

1 final test

BONUS: 5 speaking exercises with feedback and corrections.


Usability of the bonus – 3 months after the purchase

English online course - B2 level

In this English language course, you will significantly enrich your vocabulary and you will be able to discuss a wide variety of topics with clarity and ease. Through interactive exercises which can be completed during and after the lessons, you will be actively involved in the lessons and learn effectively.


12 modules (lessons in each module with several lessons)

12 tests

1 final test

BONUS: 5 speaking exercises with feedback and corrections.


Usability of the bonus – 3 months after the purchase

Business English level B1

This online English language course will help you learn how to confidently:

  • introduce yourself, your skills and experience
  • talk about your company, position and business activities in a positive way
  • communicate assertively
  • write reports and business emails
  • analyze tables and graphs, and present your analysis in English
  • participate in meetings
  • conduct meetings
  • ask clear and precise questions and answer them

+ many other functions in communication


For a higher level of understanding and accuracy, as well as fluency in business communication, it is still necessary to move to the next level.


What is included in the video course?


36 + hours of video lessons (recordings of actual lessons in a small group)


15+ exercises in the form of interactive tests, after which you will receive solutions immediately.


3 BONUS speaking exercises (on a given or agreed topic)


2 BONUS reviewed written works (email, report, CV, something of your choice)


Usability of the bonus – 3 months after the purchase of the course

Business English level B2/C1

In the course, in addition to vocabulary and fluent use of the English language, you will learn how to:

  • present information critically and analytically
  • ask specific questions to get precise answers
  • answer questions accurately and precisely
  • communicate assertively
  • listen actively
  • negotiate
  • sell successfully
  • analyze the risk
  • lead and participate in meetings
  • give presentations and speeches
  • resolve conflicts in a peaceful way
  • write business emails and reports


What is included in the video course?


50 + hours of video lessons (recordings of actual lessons in a small group)

14+ exercises in the form of interactive tests, after which you will receive solutions immediately.


3 BONUS speaking exercises (on a given or agreed topic)


2 BONUS reviewed written works (email, report, CV, something of your choice)


Usability of the bonus – 3 months after the purchase of the course

Specialized courses of the English language

Verb and Tenses

In this video course that deals with verbs and verb tenses, you will finally master the correct use of the most important language rules that will make it easier for you to use the English language and help increase your confidence in communication.

The lessons are recorded in video format, and course participants see the teacher and the presentation. Lessons are 5 to 25 minutes long, depending on the topic.

  • 270+ minutes of video material
  • 21+ interactive exercises/tests
  • e-book of grammar where all the material from the video lessons is on 73 pages
  • access to all future video lessons and content

Course topics

  • BONUS- Past Simple vs Present Perfect
    The zero conditional
    The first conditional
    The second conditional
    The third conditional
    Mixed conditionals
  • THE PASSIVE VOICE through tenses

Interactive tests

Each topic has at least one test that students can take one or more times. Each test is done in the application, and after its completion you can see the corrections and results. These tests are used for additional practice, revision of the material covered, as well as for additional learning.

Ebook Verb and Tenses

All topics covered in the course are also available in PDF format on 73 pages. If you want to recall the material covered and you don’t have time to go over the lesson again at that moment, you can recall it from the e-book.

Successful Business Email Writing

This video course will help you write business emails to international clients and colleagues with ease, confidence, and professionalism.


What are you getting?

  • 11 video lessons in a total of 2.5 hours
  • 24/7 access to video and PDF materials
  • a revision of Your 3 written business emails

Topics are arranged by page in the ebook

The structure of a formal email……………6

Specific types of emails ………………..15

Addressing Problems and Mistakes……………17
Model structure….17
Email samples…20
Functional language… 22
Making Inquiries……………………………….24
Model structure….24
Email sample…25
Functional language… 26
Clarifying and confirming……………………..31
Clarifying model structure…31
Email sample…32
Confirming model structure…33
Email sample…34
Confirming details and arrangements model structure… 35
Email sample… 36
Functional language…37
Informing and Notifying…………………….39
Model structure …39
Email sample…40, 43, 44
Functional language…45
Replies to requests………………………..46
Model structure and organization…47
Email samples… 49
Functional language…51
Making arrangements…………………54
Model structure and organization…54
The initial email…..55
Reject a request……..59
Delay a request…..61
Accept a request…63
Agreeing on a time and place…65
Functional language…67
The power of positive communication………….72

Choosing the right level of formality………………85

Developing a good email writing style………….89

B1+B2 Course Bundle

By purchasing this package, you will ensure yourself the ability to reach a high level of accuracy and fluency in spoken and written communication in English, in business and all other types of situations.


BONUS: 5 speaking exercises for each level (10 in total), for which you get feedback and corrections.


Usability of the bonus – 6 months after the purchase of the course.



A2+B1+B2 Course Bundle

You will get from an-almost-beginner to someone who uses English fluently, accurately and confidently with this package of video courses.

In addition, you will save ~50$ compared to buying these 3 courses individually.


BONUS: 5 speaking exercises for each level (15 in total), for which you get feedback and corrections.

 Usability of the bonus – 9 months after the purchase of the course.

Business English language Bundle

By buying a course bundle, you get permanent access to all the courses you buy, for a lower price than what you would pay if you bought the courses separately.


Reasons why you maybe SHOULDN'T buy our video courses


You only want a certificate, not the knowledge

You can get an internationally recognized certificate that will show your current knowledge by taking a test on the English Score app.


You can get our certificate under certain conditions (actually demonstrated measurable progress and adopted knowledge, successfully completed all tests, successfully completed speaking exercises), but it should not be your goal – the reason why our courses are purchased is the acquisition of knowledge


The teaching and learning methods in the video course do not suit you

To progress in video courses, you need to be able and willing to independently organize/allocate your study time. This great deal of flexibility comes with the responsibility of staying disciplined, organized, focused and motivated.

Also, in video courses, you listen to and watch recorded lessons, and do exercises during and after the lessons. Even though you can practice a lot, you don’t work on conversation as much as you do in individual/group lessons.



Your eyesight is very poor, and you have only your smartphone for studying

Each video lesson can be watched in full-screen mode, however separate sections of the videos cannot be zoomed in. If your eyesight is very poor, and you can only learn using your phone (you don’t have access to a computer or tablet), our video courses are not the best choice for you.

What are the steps after clicking the button "buy the course" or "buy the bundle"?


Enter your information in the payment form

After clicking on the “buy the course” or “buy the bundle” option, you will be redirected to a secure payment page. It is important that you enter your GMAIL address so that you can access the course easily and smoothly.


You will receive an email with access to the course

After you complete the payment, you will immediately receive the instructions for accessing the course. Shortly, you will also get an email invitation to join the course.


Start learning

Even though you get permanent access to your chosen video course or bundle, we advise you to start learning as soon as you can, so that you can start making progress.


1000+ busy people have improved the quality of their lives by improving their communication in English through our video courses.

Are you ready to join them?

If at any moment within 30 days of purchase you are not satisfied with a course or a bundle, you can state your reasons and we'll give you a full refund.


Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions about English language video courses.

If after reading all the information on this page you have additional questions, feel free to contact us via email: office@jcrenglish.com.

Our video courses of the English language were prepared in such a way that the learner is actively involved in the lesson at every moment. The learner is asked questions, and answers them out loud. The learner gets the feeling of speaking 1on1 with the teacher. There are also bonus speaking exercises that help improve speaking skills as well. However, even though our video courses are excellent, practice is the key to great speaking skills, so don’t forget to use the English language as often as possible – at work, in everyday situations, on trips, etc.

Depending on the course you buy, there are 10-55 hours of recorded video material. The information about the duration of each course is included in the course information. Add 60% of that amount of time for your independent work and practice and you’ll see approximately how much time you should invest in a course. 

As you are buying a course with permanent access, you don’t have to rush through a course to finish it. You can watch each lesson as many times as you choose, speed the video up or down, and come back to it even after a few months. 

We have a 100% money back guarantee, so if at any moment within 30 days of purchase you realize the course is not what you needed or wanted, or you are dissatisfied for any reason, you can just state your reasons and get a full refund. 

There are course bundles with which you save money, yes. 

After successful completion of the course (completed all tests with at least 80% correct answers, and 5 successfully completed speaking exercises) you will receive a certificate of completion of the course. The minimum study period after which a certificate can be obtained is 2 months for general English courses, and 3 months for business English courses.

We do NOT issue a certificate if we detect an attempt to cheat on tests/exercises.

Yes. You can write to us at office@jcrenglish.com and state your needs and company information, and we’ll deliver an invoice for you to pay.

Currently, we accept card payments (Visa, American Express, DinaCard, Mastercard, Maestro), and wire transfers to our bank account (in which case the buyer pays the transaction fees).

JCR English is located in Serbia, and by our law, all card payments need to be accepted in RSD, regardless of the location of the payer.
You can see the amount in your local currency, but your card gets charged in RSD.

Praznično poklanjanje se nastavlja!

Poklon video kurs

Creative Vocabulary Acquisition (Kreativno usvajanje vokabulara)

Uz svaki kupljen video kurs na B1 ili B2 nivou u toku Januara.